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Elevate your fan experience to new heights with the Romanian National Football Team Gold VIP Card Pack! Designed for the most passionate supporters of our national team, this exclusive membership offers unparalleled access and privileges, redefining what it means to be a true fan. With only a limited number of 500 Gold VIP Cards available, each card is not only a symbol of your dedication but also a gateway to extraordinary benefits.

Surprise a friend by purchasing a pack and gifting it to them! And remember, the person who opens the pack will have the rights to the benefits and will own the VIP Card.

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What’s included in the Gold VIP Card Pack?

  • Gold VIP Card

    As a proud owner of the Gold VIP Card, you are granted the prestigious Gold VIP Membership status. By owning a Gold VIP Card and thus holding a Gold VIP Membership status, you are eligible to receive airdrops until the expiration of your Membership status and it ensures you the right to renew your membership when it expires on December 31, 2025.

  • The BIG WIN Opportunity

    12 lucky persons who open the Gold VIP Card Pack will be randomly selected to enjoy a Skybox Experience. Watch a match in ultimate comfort and style, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Lunch with 2 Legends at the FRF Headquarters

    Enjoy an unforgettable lifetime experience with a lunch alongside two legends of Romanian football at the FRF headquarters. Meet your heroes, listen to their stories, and share a unique moment with other passionate fans.

  • 2 Tickets for 3 Home Matches of the National Team

    Experience the thrill of live football with 2 tickets to 3 home matches of the Romanian National Team. Select from a curated list of 5 games, from today until December 31, 2025. Tickets will be made available 2 weeks before each game you select. Seats will be central, located on the first ring, and have the best visibility of the pitch. Witness the action, cheer for your team, and be part of unforgettable moments on the pitch.

  • Official Playing Jersey Signed by your 3 Preferred National Team Players

    Showcase your support with this exclusive item. You will receive an official playing jersey signed by your three favorite National Team players, and delivered to you within 3 months of your selection.

  • 20% Extra Discount on two orders on the Official FRF Merchandise Store

    Enjoy a 20% extra discount on two separate orders from our official FRF merchandise store (magazin.frf.ro). These discounts can be applied to any purchases made before December 31, 2025, allowing you to gear up and show your support in style.

Once the purchase is made, you need to open the pack to own the VIP Card and these benefits. Then, the FRF will contact you within one month after you open the pack to coordinate the appropriate next steps.

The edition number of the VIP card is determined randomly upon opening the pack.

Note on transferability:

All the Romanian National Football Team VIP Card Packs include a VIP Card and several exclusive benefits:

VIP Card: The VIP Card itself, while not providing direct benefits, is transferable and grants the holder the VIP Member status. As a VIP Member, you have the right to renew the card upon its expiration at the end of 2025. Additionally, you may receive future benefits that the Romania National Team decides to airdrop.

Non-Transferable Benefits: The benefits included in the VIP Card Packs are non-transferable and remain with the person who has opened the VIP Card Pack. The FRF will contact the person who has opened the pack to coordinate the appropriate next steps.

Gifting a Pack: Only an unopened pack can be gifted to a different user, thereby gifting the Pack content, which includes the VIP Card and the non-transferrable benefits, to the new owner. Once the pack is opened only the VIP Card can be transferred, and the benefits stay with the person who has opened the pack.

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