About FIFA+ Collect


FIFA+ is the entertainment experience from FIFA that is made for the fans. Playing the greatest football documentaries and films, through to live games and highlights, FIFA+ is free and always premium. 

Here at FIFA+, we decided that it’s time to share our amazing archive to enable fans to own unforgettable moments and epic editions from the FIFA archives and digital collectibles. So, we launched FIFA+ Collect. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a personal digital collection and be part of the richest and most authentic football legacy of all time - The FIFA World Cup™. 

We want all fans to be able to access and own, collect and trade, to enjoy a new kind of fandom: Official Digital Collectibles. 

How do I get involved?

  • Create your account and sign up to begin your FIFA+ Collect journey.
  • Once you’ve selected your packs and scored your breathtaking moments, view and enjoy the collectibles you have landed, or trade and sell them on the designed FIFA+ Collect marketplace. 
  • Compete with your collectibles in upcoming quests to win unforgettable rewards and grow your collection even more. 

Enjoy, and get ready for the exciting future of FIFA+ Collect, for fans and football.