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Collectibles of FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™

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Sold out in 30m
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Collectibles from FIFA Club World Cup Saudi Arabia 2023™ were sold out in 30 min. These collectibles are a special addition since they represent real objects that were collected from the matches. Owners can redeem their collectibles for the real object.
How it works

You can redeem your collectible to the actual item and get it directly to your adress. Once you redeem your collectible you’ll get a new one with a ‘Redeemed’ mark on it. Full details here.

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    Connect your wallet

    Start by securely connecting your digital wallet using WalletConnect. This step verifies your ownership of the collectible.

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    Choose Your Collectible

    Browse your collection and select the collectible you wish to redeem for a physical item.

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    Add Shipping Details

    Enter your shipping information to ensure your collectible is delivered to the correct address.

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    Redeem Your Collectible

    Confirm your choice and sign the transaction to redeem your collectible. This process is secure and validates your redemption request.

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    Once redeemed, your collectible will be prepared and shipped to the address you provided. You'll receive updates on the shipping status and estimated delivery time.

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