FIFA+ Collect Support

What are the official communication channels of FIFA+ Collect? 

Currently, our official communication channels are email, Facebook, Twitter and Discord.  If you see or receive messages from FIFA+ Collect on any other platform than the ones listed above, it is safe to assume that someone is impersonating FIFA+ Collect. These accounts should be reported. 

For the most immediate response from community members and support specialists, please reach out to [email protected] for site support.

How will my data be used? 

FIFA puts users’ safety above everything else. Our team works hard to keep all personal information safe and secure.  

How should I use FIFA+? 

To ensure we continue holding high standards in all aspects of serving our users, we require them to follow our Terms of Service.  

A representative from FIFA+ Collect has contacted me. What should I do? 

FIFA+ Collect only publishes updates via established communication channels. Unless you’ve reached out to our verified representatives yourself through official channels (email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord), we will never contact you directly. 

Your representative has sent me a link outside of fifa.com, should I open it? 

Our representatives will never send you any link outside of fifa.com. If someone has sent you a link to open that is not from fifa.com, you can safely assume that someone is impersonating a representative. These accounts should be reported.