Welcome to FIFA Collect Challenges!

1. Summary 

Challenges is a new feature on the FIFA Collect platform that provides an engaging and fun experience, using the highlights in your Collection.  

Earn points as you complete different Challenges while competing with players worldwide to reach the top of the leaderboards, and have a chance to earn unique rewards!  

2. What are Challenges? 

Challenges are puzzle-like games that require you to use Highlights from your Collection to complete. Each challenge will require Highlights based on specific criteria within a Challenge theme. Challenges can have multiple levels that will unlock as you progress.  

3. Completing a Challenge 

From the Challenges tab, select a Challenge to start your journey. Click on an empty slot to add a Highlight, and select one from the list of available highlights, you can use the same Highlight across multiple Challenges.. If you don’t own a Collectible that fits the Challenge requirements, you can collect more Highlights from Packs or from the Marketplace. 

Once you fill all the empty slots with the required Highlights, you are able to submit your Challenge and receive your Score. You can continue to swap out Highlights and improve your score until you submit the Challenge. Once submitted, you lock in your score for that Challenge and advance to the next level, if available.. 

Important: The Highlights used to complete and submit Challenges will not be removed or locked from your wallet at any point. 

4. Score 

The score you receive for completing a Challenge is depends on the quality of the Highlights you use to complete that Challenge. The quality of your Highlights is based on the Rarity and the Edition Number of each of the Highlights you use to complete the Challenge. After completing a Challenge by filling all slots, you will also receive a Star Rating that will further boost your score depending on the quality of the Highlights you used. 

* The requirements for each star rating are unique to each challenge and may change over time when new packs are released, and as new qualifying highlights are added to the marketplace. A locked in challenge will always remain at the score that was claimed. 

Star Rating Explained:

Each Highlight added to a Challenge is worth Star Rating points depending on the rarity tier of each highlight. A Common is worth 1 point, Rare 2 points, Epic 4 points, and Iconic 8 points. 

Each Star Rating (per Challenge) requires a minimum number of points to be reached to earn that Star Rating, and receive that Star Rating score boost. 

Star Rating Example: (Challenge with 4 Highlights) 

  1. star requires: 4 points (e.g. 4 commons)
  2. star requires: 6 points (e.g. 2 rares and 2 commons)
  3. star requires: 10 points (e.g. 2 epics and 2 commons)
  4. star requires: 14 points (e.g. 1 iconic, 1 epic, and 2 commons)

5. Leaderboards 

See how you rank amongst other players around the world, as you complete the different Challenges and increase your Score.