Redemption Center

My Point Balance


How does the redemption center work? 

Under the "Burn” tab you’ll find a list of all the collectibles you own that are eligible for burning and the number of points that they’re worth. Select all the collectibles that you want to burn. Once selected, you can open your burn pile where you’ll see your selection and a summary of the points you’ll receive. It’s time to burn! Once the process is completed, you’ll see your redemption point balance, which will be automatically added to your account. 


How do I redeem my points?  

You can use your redemption points to redeem the available packs or collectibles in the redemption center. Go to the “Redeem” tab and explore the available packs, you will find exclusive drops available only through the Redemption Center. 

The packs indicate the number of points that you need to spend to redeem them. Once you redeem a pack, your points will be deducted, and the pack will be added to your collection to open.


Can I get my burned collectible back? 

Burned collectibles are immediately and permanently inaccessible. This means there will be a reduced supply. Once you burn you will automatically get points to redeem for new and exclusive moments in the Redemption Center. Make sure you’re sure you want to burn before finalizing the process! 


How are points calculated per collectible?

The factors that are taken into account for collectible burn values are rarity and edition. The higher the rarity, the higher the point value. Inversely, the lower the edition number, the higher the point value. For example, Iconic X with edition #1 would be the most valuable whereas Common Y with edition #40,000 might be the lowest. You’ll always be able to see your collectibles’ values before you burn.


Are these redeemable collectibles exclusive to the redemption center or will they also be available in upcoming drops?

Moments redeemed in Redemption Center Packs will not be a part of any other regularly scheduled drops. The only way to acquire these moments is through the Redemption Center or via the Marketplace (if others list them). 


How long will the current redeemable collectibles be available for? What frequency can we expect the introduction of new redeemable collectibles?

Rewards will change depending on remaining pack supply and community feedback. Let us know in Discord what you’d like to see next!


Are posters collectibles considered eligible for burning?

Posters are not eligible for burning in the redemption center. The Poster collection has its own burning mechanism that allows you earn Poster rewards.


Are there limits for how many rewards I can redeem?

In order to serve the entire community, we have limits in place for each type of reward. If you’ve hit the maximum number of rewards redeemed, don’t worry! We will continue to release new sets of rewards based on supply and community feedback.

For the Trophy Lift reward set, the following limits per user are in place:
1 Iconic Reward Pack
5 Epic Reward Packs
50 Rare Reward Packs
200 Variety Reward Packs

What happens if I have Redemption Points left over after I’ve redeemed what I wanted?

While there will be future opportunities to spend those points, we recommend burning moments with specifical redeemables in mind. Points themselves have no monetary value.